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    • Co-Parenting Tips for the Summer

      Summer is here and you likely have all sorts of ideas about how you would like to spend this time with your children. While this could be a great opportunity to bond over a fun vacation or a day ...

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    • Is My Spouse Allowed to Relocate with Our Child?

      The prospect of a child relocating with an ex-spouse can be very unsettling for divorced parents who want to remain actively involved in their child’s life. Though it does present great challenges for ...

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    • Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During Divorce

      These days, most of us use social media, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other number of platforms that exist for people to share their thoughts, activities, and photos. While ...

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    • How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

      Divorce is often a difficult decision for spouses to make and, though the experience can be heartbreaking and stressful to endure, it can be even harder for your children. As such, you and your spouse ...

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    • Getting Divorced in 2018? Here Are Some New Changes You Need to Know About

      Changes to the Texas Family Code, Coming September 2018 (NOTE: Texas family law defines the “obligor” as the person paying child support and the “obligee” as the person who receives it.) The Texas ...

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    • When Can the Court Terminate Parental Rights?

      Involuntary Termination Involuntary termination of parental rights occurs when the parent demonstrates egregious neglect or abuse of their child in the eyes of the court and Texas family laws. ...

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