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Adoption allows one or two parents that are not biologically related to a child to become legally responsible for their care and well-being. Adoption can be an immensely happy time but the legal process may be confusing. Our firm can walk your new family through the process to secure the best possible outcome for your case. At Fischer Law Firm P.C., we have handled adoption cases that solidify the bond and future of the family and we are ready to stand by your side.

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Contested vs. Uncontested Adoptions

If a parent remarries and their new spouse wants to adopt the child, they may be eligible for a stepparent adoption. Other adoptions are known as third-party adoptions. Retaining legal counsel can ensure that the adoption process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

An adoption can be either contested or uncontested, which means:

  • Uncontested: The biological parent or anyone else with a legal claim to the child have no problem with the adoption taking place.
  • Contested: The biological parent or other relatives have an objection to the adoption that will go through the legal process.

There are many issues that may come up during an adoption case, such as grandparent’s rights or the rights of the biological parent. We can guide you through all of these complex matters. We provide the compassionate representation that matters when you are fighting for your family.

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Adopting a child into your family is a joyous occasion. Our lawyer can address the legal paperwork and procedures of adoption while you focus on uniting with your child. If you would like to learn more about adoption and how an adoption attorney in Katy can help you, give our law firm a call. We are happy to speak with you!

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