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Post-Divorce Property Enforcement

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During a divorce, it's common for former spouses to divide property and property-related expenses such as debt, rent, etc. Unfortunately, obtaining property or property payments from an ex-spouse isn't always easy. To receive the payment or property you're owed, you may have to legally enforce post-decree property division or payment arrangements.

At Fischer Law Firm P.C., our knowledgeable Katy divorce attorney can help ensure you the receive post-divorce property division or payments you’re entitled to. We understand the ins and outs of the post-divorce property enforcement process and will work with you to enforce post-divorce property decrees in a timely manner.

How Does Post-Divorce Property Enforcement Work?

There are several reasons you may wish to enforce a post-divorce property division or payment decree. If your ex-spouse refuses to hand over property that was awarded to you during the divorce or won't pay for property post-divorce, you should work with an experienced family law firm to ameliorate the situation.

Post-divorce property enforcement can result in the following actions taken against the spouse who is withholding property division or payments:

  • They may be held in Contempt of Court and criminally charged. Consequences for Contempt of Court charges vary by state.
  • They may be forced to sell assets equivalent in value to the property in question to compensate you.
  • A judge may file an Entry of Judgement, further reinforcing the post-divorce property decree.
  • A judge may force your ex-spouse to transfer property titles to you.
  • The property in question might be foreclosed upon.
  • A judge can garnish your ex-spouse's wages until they either comply with the post-divorce property decree or compensate you adequately for the property in question.

Navigating post-divorce property division and payment can be a stressful and complicated process. Post-divorce property enforcement can help you receive the property you deserve from an acrimonious or uncooperative ex-spouse.

Obtaining Post-Divorce Property Enforcement

An experienced divorce attorney can help you enforce a post-divorce property decree and receive the property you're owed. At Fischer Law Firm P.C., our lawyer is devoted to helping clients find practical solutions in a timely manner.

Call (346) 444-1050 or contact us onlineto discuss your options. At Fischer Law Firm P.C., our reasonable retainer fees and compassionate attorney makes your life easier post-divorce.

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