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Searching for child custody lawyers in Katy, TX can be difficult because in these types of cases, your relationship with your child is on the line. These are some of the most stressful and tense legal situations that any family can go through, so choosing an empathetic attorney that understands where you are coming from will make a difference in your case. At Fischer Law Firm P.C, our lawyer has firsthand, personal experience handling these types of cases and aggressively fights for your family.

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When you are dealing with a complex child custody case, you deserve an attorney that takes a hands-on approach. We are not interested in a long, drawn-out legal process that is stressful and expensive. We only seek effective solutions that benefit your family.

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Types of Child Custody Arrangements in Texas

In Texas, custody is referred to a conservatorship. A parent can be awarded sole conservatorship or joint conservatorship. In a joint conservatorship agreement, both parents will share all of the responsibilities as parents of the child. In a sole conservatorship, only one parent makes legal decisions on behalf of the child. Supervised visitation of the non-possessory parent can also be a part of a possessory parent's sole conservatorship of the child as well.

Rights associated with custody include:

  • Making health, education, and welfare decisions
  • Access to medical and education records
  • Acting as the primary legal guardian of the child
  • Receiving child support

In each conservatorship case, a judge will work out the specific custody details.

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