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We have handled all types of family law cases and have found that the one of the most complicated and heated disputes are those that arise over the rights of a parent. Parental rights are an important issue that often requires professional legal assistance to ensure that one’s rights are protected.

At Fischer Law Firm P.C., we are familiar with family law disputes involving the rights of parents. Whether you are trying to gain the rights that you are entitled to or you are trying to mitigate your liability, we can help you with your case. Our team will guide you through the entire process of your case, from filing the required legal documents to making sure that you have a firm grasp on the laws that are relevant to your case. We are committed to representing your interests and fighting on your behalf.

What Are My Parental Rights?

Parents have the right to make important decisions for their children. While a child’s natural parents are initially given equal parental rights, this can change in event of a divorce, separation or modification of the parent-child relationship. In some cases, parental rights can also be awarded to other family members or adoptive parents, foster parents, or legal guardians. In determining the rights of a particular parent and rendering a decision, courts will give a lot of consideration to best interest of the child.

Common parental rights include:

  • Child Support and custody
  • Visitation and access rights
  • Making medical, educational and legal decisions
  • Right to determine the residence of the child
  • Child’s moral and religious upbringing

What If I Want to Terminate My Parental Rights?

The rights of a parent can be ended through both implicit and explicit means. When the paternity of a child has not been legally determined, the father has no parental rights. A parent’s rights can also be terminated in situations containing abuse, addiction, neglect, mental illness, or incarceration. If they choose to, a parent can voluntarily surrender their parental rights. Giving a child up for adoption is an example of voluntarily terminating one’s parental rights.

Does Primary Custody Influence the Non-Custodial Parent’s Rights?

In cases where one parent is awarded primary custody of a child, the other parent will usually be able to retain part of their parental rights, such as their right to visit the child. When it comes to divorce and separation, it is vital that each parent fully understands their rights and responsibilities. If you are concerned about how your parental rights might be impacted by your divorce or child-custody case, you should immediately consult with our attorney to discuss your case and be informed of your options.

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Our legal team in Katy is ready to protect your special relationship that you have with your child. We are dedicated to advocating for the parental rights of mothers and fathers. We can create a strong legal strategy and represent you during your court hearings to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Our attorney, Mark Fischer, has years of experience handling family law matters on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants throughout Texas. Let us help you protect the rights that you are entitled to.

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