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Child Support and Custody Enforcement

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Navigating child custody and support negotiations can be one of the most stressful aspects of filing for a divorce. You may feel like your relationship with your child or children is on the line, and children are often overwhelmed by the turmoil of a divorce. The stress of a divorce is only exacerbated by an ex-spouse who refuses to adhere to the child support and custody guidelines negotiated during the divorce.

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How Is Child Support and Custody Enforcement Handled?

During the divorce, you'll negotiate child custody and support agreements with your ex-spouse. These negotiations govern what kind of custody you're guaranteed (for example, whether you have joint custody or visitation rights) and what kind of financial support (if any) you can expect from your ex-spouse for your child.

Unfortunately, not every parent abides by child custody and support judgements. If your ex-spouse consistently violates your child custody or support arrangement, there are a few methods you can use to receive child support and custody enforcement:

  • First, you should file a petition with a court to hold your ex-spouse in contempt of your child custody or support agreement. An experienced family law attorney can help you compile evidence and ensure you have substantive grounds for filing a petition.
  • In more extreme cases, such as if your ex-spouse kidnaps your child, you can seek enforcement from law enforcement professionals and members of your local Child Abduction and Recovery Unit.

If you file a petition and the court rules in your favor for a child custody case, you can renegotiate the child custody arrangement and enforce penalties on your ex-spouse. In child support cases, the court will often ask the spouse in violation of the agreement to pay any child support owed, as well as attorney fees.

A knowledgeable family law attorney can help you build a robust child support and enforcement petition.

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