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A trucking accident is among the most devastating that you can endure. Commercial trucks are much bigger and heavier than average cars. When they hit regular drivers, the damage can be extensive. Cars can be totaled, and injuries can be life-changing.

Our firm is here to help you if you’ve been involved in a commercial truck accident and will work vigorously to hold negligent parties responsible.

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Liability in a Trucking Accident

It is often difficult to pinpoint responsibility in a commercial truck accident. There is a long chain of people and companies involved. This complex trail is intentional. Each participant is using the other as a shield against lawsuits.

It takes a skilled, tenacious lawyer to follow that trail and hold the correct party responsible. Anything from the details of an accident to the owner of the truck can complicate matters. Our team is ready to put in the hard work, tracking down the entity responsible for your damages.

Here are some examples of different parties and how they could be responsible for your injuries.

Trucker Liability

First, we must look at the behavior of the individual driver. If a trucker is taking unnecessary risks, speeding, or otherwise driving recklessly, they are responsible for any damage they cause.

A trucker’s schedule also plays an important role in liability. There is a certain number of hours truckers can legally work. Going over that limit exhausts the driver, making them more dangerous on the road. We can help track the trucker’s schedule and see if too much work led to your accident.

Trucking Company Liability

Speaking of schedules, trucking companies have a reputation for pushing their workers. They can pressure truckers to work beyond the legal limit of hours, creating hazardous situations on the road.

Truck Owner Liability

Anyone who operates a vehicle is responsible for that vehicle’s maintenance. Trucks with poor performance create danger for other drivers.

If a badly maintained vehicle resulted in your injuries, you must hold that truck’s owner responsible. In this situation, liability becomes complicated. The company may own the truck, but the driver may be responsible for maintenance. Sometimes, companies rent their trucks from someone else, making liability more difficult to determine.

These complications are an intentional attempt to protect all parties from litigation. Our firm can track down the responsible entity and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Loading Company Liability

In the event of a cargo spill, it’s important to track down the parties responsible for loading and unloading the truck. Often, loading companies are the only ones allowed to handle cargo, protecting the trucker from liability. If it stacked items poorly or left the door unsecured, the resulting cargo spill can cause huge amounts of damage on a freeway, and that company can face liability for the damages.

Compensation in a Trucking Accident

If necessary, our firm can help you pursue litigation against the party responsible for your injuries. Our goal is to help you receive compensation for the suffering you endured.

Generally, civil suits are designed to pay you back for the money you lost from an injury.

This includes:

  • The Cost of Medical Treatment
    When you are not responsible for your injuries, the law allows you to pursue compensation for your medical expenses. Any money you spent on treatment could be recouped, including:
    • Surgeries
    • Doctor visits
    • Prescriptions
    • Mental Health Treatment (when your trauma is directly related to your accident)
  • Missed Work
    When your injuries caused you to miss work, you may be able to recover that lost income. Even if you used sick time and didn’t miss a paycheck, you may be able to receive compensation for the days you used. Furthermore, if your injury forced you to miss a career opportunity, you could be eligible to receive this lost potential income as well.
  • The Cost of Property Damage
    Property damage involves more than just your car. It can also include anything else that was broken during the accident. Perhaps you were transporting a rare collectible that was ruined in the wreck. You may even be able to recover veterinary bills if your pet was injured.

If youve been hurt in a commercial trucking accident in Katy, our lawyer is here for you. For a free consultation, call us at (346) 444-1050 or contact us online.

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