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A car accident affects your life in many ways. Most importantly, it can lead to severe injuries. These injuries can last a lifetime, affecting the way you move or, in extreme situations, causing damage to the brain.

Those injuries, then, impact your well-being and your work. Our world is built on your ability to make and spend money, and a sudden financial shift could leave you in an unfortunate financial situation.

Even if you manage to walk away from a wreck unharmed, you may not realize that you have been injured for a period of time after the wreck, due to the stress and trauma from the wreck and you may still need to decide how to function without your car. Getting to work becomes a problem, affecting your employment. Moreover, daily tasks like getting groceries and running errands become a problem, impacting your quality of life.

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Injuries You Could Sustain in a Car Accident

The damage in a car accident is so unpredictable, you could be harmed in several ways.

1.What type of injures here?

Impact Injuries

People are often jostled around in a car accident. Even with the support of a seatbelt, you could slide and hit doors, dashboards, gear shifts, armrests, and so on.

Impact injuries can range from mild to severe. You could experience deep bruising, affecting your mobility for a bit. At the opposite extreme, you could break bones or damage internal organs. Serious impact injuries can cause paralysis or even brain damage.


There are many ways a car accident can produce heat. Internal parts can burst, producing steam. Wires could be exposed and lead to electrical burns. Even the impact itself can produce enough friction to heat car parts that burn on contact.

Severe burns require immediate attention or even surgery. Third-degree burns reach down into the fatty tissue of your body. A fourth-degree burn touches bone, which can be life-threatening.


A car wreck can twist and bend your automobile, leaving jagged, pointed surfaces that break your skin.

There are a variety of different cuts you could suffer, and each requires unique treatment. A long, straight cut, called an “incision,” is quite painful and takes longer to heal. Ragged, asymmetrical cuts are called “lacerations” and usually require stitches. “Abrasions” are scrapes along the surface of your skin, like a rug burn.

A puncture wound can create lasting damage. Although it is just a small hole in the skin, it can leave bacteria deep inside the body, causing an infection.

An avulsion is the worst form of skin tearing. The skin is pulled from the body completely. It requires urgent attention, including surgeries and skin grafts. Left untreated, avulsions can be fatal.

How Can Our Firm Help?

Working with an insurance company may not be enough to cover your expenses. Often, an insurer will offer you a settlement. It may seem like a lot of money, but remember that insurance companies are interested only in their bottom line. Any offer they make benefits them, not you.

Insurance settlements are not likely to cover you for unexpected, long-term injuries. They cover the immediate situation, and you may discover more harm later. The same is true for your car. Often, a serious wreck requires several repairs.

Our firm can help you negotiate a fair deal with the insurance company. We are here to make sure you receive sufficient compensation to cover immediate and future complications.

If necessary, we can take the matter to court, holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Through a lawsuit, you may be able to recover:

  • Medical Expenses
    This includes everything from doctor visits, prescriptions, surgeries, therapy, and more. If you suffered emotional trauma, you can include your mental health expenses as well. A lawsuit could cover both present and future costs.
  • Lost Income
    This is the money you lose when recovery forces you to miss work. It can also include income from career opportunities you missed due to your injuries.
  • Pain and Suffering
    Litigation is designed to compensate people for their misery. The longer and greater the pain, the more money you can receive. These extra damages can help provide a financial cushion as you restructure and rebuild your life.

Our team is here to help with any kind of auto accident, including:

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There are no upfront legal fees and we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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